Alice in Wonderland Hotel (Below 100 USD)

May 18, 2011


One of the cheapest Beach Front hotels in Boracay, Alice in Wonderland is a 3-storey hotel that offers air conditioned rooms for only 60 to 70 USD per night.

Alice in Wonderland Hotel (Front View)

I have stayed at this hotel for about 3 to 4 times (as I am a frequent visitor of Boracay). You may not be able to see the beach from your window or balcony, but it is just about 30 steps away. That’s good enough for my 6o bucks.  Good value for the money.

(See our Review Summary Below…)

The Beach in Front of Alice

The Beach in Front of Alice


The Review: For the Beach Front-Lovers on A Budget
by JMV


Station 2, Beach Front. Right across the Boracay Police Station; To The left is La Carmela de Boracay. From the port, ask the trike driver to drop you off Boracay Tropics hotel. Then walk down to the beach front and you will find the Police Station, right across the street is Alice hotel.

Station 2 Police Station

Station 2 Police Station



They comprise of the following:

Type of Room (Quantity) Price in USD (2011)= Walk-in Price
Price in PHP (2011)
Regular Airconditioned Rooms (with hot shower, mini refrigerator, bath tub, cable TV, cabinets, umbrellas) $64.3 PHP 2,700.00
* Based on the following dollar exchange rate:    1 USD= 42 PHP


*Note: Payments are made on Philippine Pesos(PHP), US Dollar rates are used as reference only. Current conversion rate is usually at 42 to 44 PHP per 1 USD.

*Rates are inclusive of taxes. No service charge.

*All rooms do not include breakfast. See food options below.

* 50 to 60% additional charges apply during High Peak Season (i.e. Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and Holy Week)

* Prices are subject to change at anytime as per hotel discretion. Major credit cards are accepted.

* Each room is equipped with a safety deposit box, a telephone, a cable TV, a bath tub, and a small balcony.

Check Alice in Wonderland Hotel Rates Here



This hotel may not have a swimming pool or a gym, but for the price of 60 to 70 bucks a night at Boracay beachfront, it’s pretty well worth it.

  • They have safety deposit box at the reception area.
  • Free wireless internet (ask for the password at the reception)
  • Water heater
  • Telephone line
  • Refrigerator with water, beer, softdrinks at affordable prices
  • Bath tub
  • Umbrellas in the rooms



They have a breakfast area where you can order cheap food for about 135 pesos (4 USD) more or less. Coffee is about 30 PHP per cup (instant coffee), they do not serve brewed coffee.

Mess Hall /  Breakfast Area

Mess Hall / Breakfast Area

Alice in Wonderland is also surrounded by restaurants (like the Spanish Restaurant beside the Police Station, all-you-can-eat places, Mongolian Buffet places, etc). If you don’t feel like eating out, there’s a convenience store right across the street from the hotel.


Important Tips:

  • Make sure you ask for more towels and/or bed linens.
  • Set the airconditioner at a higher temperature before bedtime so you wont get too cold. They don’t give too many linens (if you need more, just call downstairs at the reception area).
  • Remind them at the reception that you want a working water heater (I just usually ask this at every hotel that I stay at :) …
  • If you are scared of dogs, then this is not a place for you to stay at. They have 2 friendly Golden Retrievers (who sleep all the time and really don’t mind people) at the lobby.

One of the Friendly Golden Retrievers at Alice Hotel


Our Rating:

Alice in Wonderland Hotel Star Rating
The closer the resort is to the beach, the higher our rating is. Front Beach Resorts get 5 star on this category.
Cleanliness, Space, and General Appearance in Relation to the Price
Features and
Minus 0.5 Point for Each of The Basic Amenities Missing: Pool, Gym, Spa, Internet Service, Safe. They have a safety deposit box at the reception area and free WiFi.
Based on our general rating of their breakfast buffet/plate in relation to the price of their rooms. Breakfast doesn't come with the room but it's pretty darn cheap for 135 pesos (i.e. a set meal of eggs, beef, rice or bread, coffee. Or you can get an american breakfast for the same price
Are the staff helpful, courteous, friendly, and warm? Do they respond to requests at reasonable time?
Average Rating.


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