Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Dentists in Boracay

For minor medical emergencies and first aid, you can go to:



Boracay Island Hospital

Location: Main Road, at the center of the island. Ask the trike driver or your hotel personnel to take you there.

Contact them at Tel#: 288-3041 or simply dial 141


Note: Only minor health problems and first aid during emergencies can be catered at Boracay Island Hospital at the moment. For severe conditions, proceed to other hospitals located in Caticlan (Aklan Baptist Hospital, 10 mins boat ride away), Kalibo (about 1.5 hours away from Caticlan by land transport), Iloilo (about 5 hours away from Caticlan by land transport), or better yet, Metro Manila (1 hour plane ride away from Caticlan).


Medical Clinics:


a. Boracay Lying In and Diagnostic Center

Location: D’Mall Phase 4 facing the Main Road.

Contact them at Tel#: (036) 288-4448


b. Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic

Location: Near Boat Station 3, Main Road.

Contact them at Tel#: 288-6357


c. The Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center

Location: Station 1, Main Road

Tel#: (036) 288-4280



Dental Clinic


Dentcare Center, Boracay

Location: D’Mall

Contact them at Tel#: 288-6171



Chiropractic services are currently offered at Mandala Spa and Villas. He can be reached at Cel#: 0912-3357353 or Email:


Check out Wellness Activities, Natural Healing, and Alternative Medicine offered on the island.

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