Manila To Caticlan Airlines

Local Airlines that Fly to Caticlan Airport (the airport closest to Boracay).

Step 1: Watch this short video below and find out which airlines are usually the cheapest and get the best deals before you click on any link below and book through their website.

Step 2:

If you’re coming from outside the Philippines, you can check what International Airlines fly from your country to the Philippines here.

Once you’re in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila, you need to fly a local airline to go to Boracay. The airport closest to the island it Caticlan Airport. Here is a list of airlines and their websites & contact numbers that you can check out to choose your most convenient schedule:


* Airline

* Website

* Contact Numbers

* Terminal (After booking your flights, please remember which terminal you need to go to in order to avoid delays. The 3 airport terminals in Manila are about 10-15 minute taxi-ride away from each other.)

*Approximate number of flights daily

  • Air Philippines

+6328559000 (Manila) or +63362887536 (Boracay)

Terminal 3

Approximately 19 flights daily


Terminal 3

Approximately 9 flights daily

  • Philippine Airlines

+6328558888 (Manila) or +63362883502 (Boracay)

Terminal 2

Approximately 7 flights daily.

  • Seair

+6328841521 (Manila) or +63362885501 to 03 (Boracay)

Terminal 3

Approximately 12 flights daily.

*NOTE: When traveling from June through November (during the southwest monsoon season), weather conditions sometimes cause flight delays or cancellations, so be flexible with your travel schedules.

*NOTE: For example, you are flying from the US to the Philippines through Northwest Airlines, the plane will land at NAIA Terminal 2 in Metro Manila. If you booked a flight to Boracay through Cebu Pacific Air, you need to take the airport shuttle or taxi to NAIA Terminal 3. It will take about 10 – 15 minutes depending on the time of the day and traffic.

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If you are traveling from Boracay to the US, for example, local planes will take you from Caticlan Airport to either NAIA Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. You need to transfer to NAIA Terminal 2 where international airlines are located.


For flight information you may call the airport at Tel#: +6328771109.

Here is also a list of approximate terminal fees at the airport:

Domestic Flights at NAIA, Metro Manila: 200 – 300 pesos (4.5 – 7 USD)

International Flights at NAIA, Metro Manila: 750 – 850 pesos (17 – 19 USD)

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