Pizza Delivery, Dine-in, and To-go

June 2, 2011.

Here are the contact numbers of restaurants that deliver pizza in Boracay:


Aria Cucina Italiana- (036) 288-6223 or simply dial 777. Their restaurant is located at D’Mall, right next to the beach path. Using authentic italian ingredients and baking their pizza on a traditional woodfire oven, Aria Pizza is a good choice if you are craving for something Italian. They also offer pastas, fresh green salads, and a wide selection of drinks.

Quattro Stagioni - Four Pizza in One. (Pizza Aria, Napoli, Boscaiola and Fruitti di Mare all in one pizza)

Shakey’s Pizza- (036) 288-1777. Simply American! This franchise resto originated from California in 1954 and has proliferated more in Asia, especially here in the Philippines. They offer a wide selection of Pizza, pasta, hearty combination meals, and drinks. For an easy belly-buster starter, we recommend: Manager’s Choice hand-tossed party size pizza and a pitcher of cold iced tea for about 800 php (19 USD).  MY NEW CURRENT FAVORITE: Ultimate Garlic and Cheese… See photos below. Shakey’s Pizza review here.


Manager's Choice Pizza at Shakey's

Manager's Choice Pizza (Hand-tossed, Party Size) at Shakey's

Shakey's High Protein Pizza


Yellow Cab Pizza- (036) 288- 5550. New York style Pizza for non-diet conscious vacationers. Their restaurant is located at Station 2, right by the White Beach Path.


Cocomangas- (036) 288-4455.  Flavorful pizza! Highly recommended.

If you are calling from your local hotel phone, simply dial the last 7-digit number without the area code (036). If you are calling through a cellphone, include the (036).

Click here for video on how to make calls to Boracay Island, Philippines.

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